Information for apartment and holiday house owners

Dear owners of weekend houses and holiday apartments! We are pleased to welcome you in Njivice and Omišalj.

As there is a large number of weekend houses and apartments in our area (houses and apartments that are used occasionally, seasonally and out place of residence) we would like to introduce you to the basic regulation of the Law:

  •  Registration in the Tourist Office

  •  Payment of sojourn tax

House or holiday apartment owner, as well as all persons staying therein must register stay during the main tourist season from 15th June to 31st August, within 24 hours of arrival and check out on the last day of staying. For foreign citizens remains the obligation of registration throughout the year (except the member states of the Contracting Parties on the European Economic Area) in accordance of the regulations of the Law on the Movement and Residence of Foreigners.

From 1st of January 2016., registrations and departures of houses and holiday apartments owners and all persons staying therein, are only possible through the eVisitor system. The system is available to all users at the Internet without the need installing it on a computer. Houses and holiday apartments owners, who do not yet have access data, can by presenting ownership certificate, identity card and OIB, and get it in the offices of Tourist Office in Njivice and Omišalj. According to the Sojourn Tax Law (NN152/08), sojourn tax is paid by owner of the house and holiday apartment in the tourist town and all person staying therein. House or holiday apartment is considered every building or apartment that is used seasonally or occasionally. House or holiday apartment owner in a tourist town pays a sojourn tax while staying in a tourist town during the main season (June 15th to September 15th). House and holiday apartment owner may pay for himself and close family members the sojourn tax in the lump sum (citizens of the Republic of Croatia and citizens of member states of the Contracting Parties on the European Economic Area). Close family members of houses and holiday apartments owners are considered to be spouses, children, stepchildren, adopters, parents and foster parents, brothers and sisters. The lump sum of the sojourn tax can be payed by 15th July of the current year, and then followed by the daily sojourn tax.

Sojourn tax is paid according to the assignments generated by the eVisitor system.


Lump sum of the sojourn tax is payable in the following amounts:








100,00 KN

50,00 KN

25,00 KN


100,00 KN

50,00 KN

25,00 KN

Sojourn tax (Article 4 of the Sojourn Tax Law) do not pay:

1.      Children up to 12 years of age

2.      People with disabilities of 70% and larger and one follower

3.      Participants of school package arrangements (a lump sum trips) approved by the school institution

4.      Seasonal workers

5.      Members of the close family of the inhabitants and of the municipality  or town

6.      Passengers on a passenger ship in international nautical traffic when  ship is moored in port

7.      Holiday houses owners and their family members,

8.      If the holiday house  is an original old family home and acquired from the last tenant in a  tourist municipality or town, when staying in that house


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