Organization of tourist tax collection in nautical in 2021

Organization of tourist tax collection in nautical in 2021

Read important information regarding the organization of the collection of tourist tax in nautical in 2021 for taxpayers from Article 4, paragraph 6 of the Tourist Tax Act (OG 52/19; OG 32/20; OG 42/20) - owners of vessels that are not nautical tourism vessel (boaters). For taxpayers referred to in Article 4, paragraph 2 of the Tourist Tax Act (OG 52/19; OG 32/20; OG 42/20) - persons using the overnight service on a nautical tourism vessel (charter / cruising), the manner of organization has not changed charges and tourist tax are paid to the legal or natural person with whom they have contracted the provision of services on the vessel.

In June 2021. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, with the prior consent of the Ministry of Finance, has issued a rulebook on exemption from paying tourist tax for persons staying on board (sailors)

In July 2020, the Croatian National Tourist Board developed an online portal in order to digitize the process of collecting the flat tourist tax in nautical, which, in addition to the flat-rate tourist tax option, also allows payment according to the number of nights.

One of the advantages of this method of charging, which is in line with current epidemiological recommendations, is the reduction of the need for physical visits to the premises of Harbor Master's Offices / Branches.

After the pilot project of establishing online toll collection in 2020, and the fact that the Covid-19 pandemic is still present, the Croatian Tourist Board, in agreement with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, decided in 2021 to exclusively collect toll nautical online through the https portal. : // and from April 4, 2021, it is no longer possible to buy it in the premises of port authorities / branches.

The leaflet contains short instructions for using the portal and a QR code which, after being scanned, redirects the user to the application page.

For easier information, we enclose an example of a confirmation that the boater will receive by email after a successful payment and which he is obliged to have with him during the entire duration of the voyage.

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