Welcome to Omišalj, an ancient hilltop town and the first place that you'll encounter after crossing the bridge!

Omišalj will welcome you with its picturesque historic center, which is located on an 85-metre-high cliff and where you can explore an exceptional cultural and historical heritage and experience the spirit of times gone by. There is also an attractive coast with hotels, beaches and a marina.

Thanks to its mild climate and excellent position close to the bridge, the airport and the city of Rijeka, Omišalj is a vibrant tourist destination with a tradition dating back more than 100 years.

The town has a long history: in around 1,000 BC, the area was inhabited by the Illyrians, and after that by the Romans, while the 7th century AD saw the arrival of the Croats. In the 11th century, Omišalj was an important Glagolitic centre; in the 12th century, it was mentioned as Castri musculi (from the Latin Ad musculi – a place for mussels), and in the 15th century the Frankopans, the Princes of Krk, built one of their four castles here.

Omišalj is today a town full of historic monuments and has a rich cultural and architectural heritage. This is attested to by the ruins of the Roman town of Fulfinum from the 1st century AD, the Early Christian basilica of Mirine from the 5th century AD, and many other cultural monuments.

Omišalj prides itself on its early medieval reliefs. You'll find more of them here than in certain European countries!

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