Island of Krk

The island of Krk is the first Adriatic island that you'll encounter when coming from the north. It is located in Kvarner Bay and was known in Roman times as Insula aurea – the Golden Island. Krk is the ideal destination for all those who want to enjoy a holiday on an island but who also want to avoid long journeys and ferry rides. This is possible because Krk is easily accessible from the mainland via Krk Bridge, from the sea by boat or by ferry to the harbour of Valbiska, and by plane to Rijeka International Airport, which is located close to Omišalj.

There is a popular belief that the destiny of the island of Krk is connected to the number 7. Indeed, it was inhabited by the Croats in the seventh century, was successfully defended from pirates seven times, the seventh prince from the Frankopan family was the last prince of Krk, and today the island has seven urban centres. Thanks to its exceptional cultural heritage, above all its Glagolitic monuments, including the famous Baška Tablet, Krk is also known as the 'cradle of Croatian culture'.

The island's landscape is particularly varied and includes quaint coves and valleys, fertile fields and thick forests with sub-Mediterranean vegetation, but also barren karst landscapes and mountainous areas, including (570 m), the highest peak on the island. Krk is known for its karst ponds, a unique phenomenon created both naturally and by human activity. These can be explored by following a new educational trail.

The cove of Klimno on the western side of the island of Krk is known for its medicinal mud. Krk has three freshwater streams and two lakes, and features a network of hiking and cycling trails which have a total length of 600 km.

The island of Krk is a great place to visit at any time of the year: discover its vibrant towns and villages and visit its ancient monuments, museums, and galleries. Breathe in its healthy fresh air while walking along romantic seaside promenades or the wild rocky shepherds' paths. Enjoy the magnificent tastes of the island's cuisine and local wines. A variety of accommodation and dining options guarantee a pleasant stay on the island of Krk.

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