Art & wine event by Mirna Sišul

Art & wine event by Mirna Sišul

What do paintings and superb wines have in common? It takes a true artist to produce both, and if you are a creative soul who appreciates fine wine, Omišalj is the right place to be. It will host as many as 8 private Art & wine events by Mirna Sišul throughout 2023, and all you need to do is let your imagination run wild and enjoy the company of like-minded people in a relaxed, creative ambiance.

Starting from March, renowned academy-trained painter Mirna Sišul will be holding painting and jewellery making workshops that will feature the tasting of aperitifs and three superb wines. Each workshop will last up to three hours, during which Mirna will share the pearls of wisdom from her enviable artistic experience.
The end result will be your very own work of art, as you will push your boundaries and open up to a whole new creative perspective.

Workshops are scheduled for 29 March, 27 April, 31 May, 20 June, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November and 14 December.
Due to the great interest, the number of participants is limited, so feel free to send us your application at or apply via phone at 051/846-243 to secure your place on time!

About the artist

 Mirna Sišul is an academy-trained painter, and has held as many as 50 independent exhibitions over the past 23 years throughout Croatia and Europe. Having combined various artistic forms, such as painting, interior design and fashion design, Sišul’s works of art have earned her dozens of prestigious awards and are a part of numerous public and private collections around the globe. The artist is known for her impressive use of colours, with the music being an infinite source of inspiration. With all this in mind, no doubt Mirna Sišul’s workshops will be a unique opportunity for a memorable creative experience!

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