Izložba fotografija na otvorenom Prijatelji mora - Geometrije

11.6.2021. - 25.6.2021.

Njivice, Ribarska obala  

For the eleventh consecutive year, the project "Friends of the Sea" is touring the squares and waterfronts of the Croatian Adriatic. During the summer of 2021, Krk Island will traditionally be hosting the exhibition at 5 destinations across the island: Krk, Njivice, Baška, Šilo and Malinska .


About the “Friends of the Sea” project

In 2009 two companies from Rijeka, Livingstone and Astoria created a national cultural and tourism campaign called ‘Friends of the Sea’. The aim of the project is to draw the attention of the general public and visitors to the role that photography plays in media culture and in promoting social responsibility, ecology and the preservation of the Adriatic Sea

2021 EXHIBITION: Friends of the Sea: Geometry

The 2021 "Friends of the Sea" exhibition presents a series of photographic records created through the ambience of sea created lines and the accompanying geometric forms related to the marine contents, and reflecting a unique aesthetic atmosphere.

The aim of this exhibition is to show the local and foreign visitors an enviable media culture through tourist photography, which portrays the sea and the sea themes through graphically clean recordings.

The photographic excellence of the selected authors is reflected in their understanding of the artistic aesthetics.

The works were selected by the expert team of the Rovinj Photodays Festival: Petar Trinajstić, Ivo Pervan, Mario Romulić, Dražen Stojčić, Renco Kosinožić, Aleksandar Tomulić.

Planned schedule of exhibitions on Krk Island:

Krk, 27.05.-11.06.

Njivice, 11.06.- 25.06.

Baška, 25.06.- 9.07.

Šilo, 9.07.-23.07.

Malinska, 23.07.-6.08.

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