Stomorina is the local name for the Feast of the Assumption, which is celebrated on 15 August and to which the town's parish church is dedicated.


On that day, the central square in Omišalj is decorated with colourful ribbons, scarves and fruit that represent the Mother of God and the angels that accompany her as she ascends to heaven.

Stomorina is the central event in Omišalj and a tourist attraction with a packed cultural and entertainment programe that draws numerous visitors to the town.

In the past, Stomorina was celebrated in a specific way. On the eve of the holiday, people would celebrate Stomorina in the church above the main altar by attaching grapes, figs, and pears on a metal ring in honour of the Mother of God.

The youths of the town would celebrate Stomorina on the Placa square by attaching several rings to a pole and hanging fruit and scarves from them. The boys would silently raise this construction the night before the feast day by means of ropes, and the girls would help by attaching additional scarves and fruit. The construction represents the Mother of God as she ascends to heaven in the company of angels. The boys would guard the construction, or Stomorina, and protect it from bad weather if necessary. It would remain in the square for two days, the Feast of the Assumption and the Feast Day of St. Rochus, when people would dance beneath it. This tradition has been preserved to the present day and, together with the celebration of the Feast Day of St. Rochus, has become a local tourist attraction.


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