Craft beer fest Omišalj has become one of the unavoidable summer events on the island of Krk. It is a fair little beer festival held each year in August in Omišalj on the beautiful beach called "Jadran".

Omišljanska rozeta

The International Women's a Capella Singing - "Omišljanska rozeta" is held every year at the same date, on August 4th at Placa in Omišalj.


Duhovski utorek - Day of Omišalj Municipality

The costum of "Duhovi" in Omišalj has remained until today and is celebrated as the Day of Omišalj Municipality with the ceremonial session of the Municipal Council and rich cultural, sports and entertainment contents.


Nativity of Mary

The central holiday in Njivice is the Nativity of Mary, which is celebrated on 8 September with a variety of religious, sports and entertainment events.


Big OM

Big Om is one of the oldest and biggest fishing competitions in Croatia that specialises in big game fishing.



Stomorina is the local name for the Feast of the Assumption, which is celebrated on 15 August and to which the town's parish church is dedicated.


Ancient days

Each summer in July, the area of Mirine-Fulfinum in the cove of Sepen close to Omišalj revives the spirit of Roman times during an event called Ancient days.

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