Marbera Flora villas

This year, the Hotel Njivice, and therefore Njivice itself, became richer for the resort, which, with the perfect synergy of architecture and nature, marked a new era of vacations.

Flora Green Villas are designed to provide visitors with unique and intimate vacation, regardless of the number of visitors, while their design represents a unique and innovative approach to connceting architecture and the surrounding environment to a common unity that completely redefines the concept of vacation as we know it.

Visitors are able to choose from 4 types of bungalows, which makes them an ideal solution for different groups of visitors. Offering a wide range of services to all visitors, the resort Flora Green Villas offers a unique vacation behind which stands the Architectural Studio SKROZ, which used the forest surrounding the resort to connect the interior and exterior of the space. Within the bungalows are illustrations of the world-famous illustrator Danijela Žeželja, whose works were published in the Marvel and New York Times.

Flora provides its visitors with neat beaches which are under the Blue Flag, a free internet throughout the whole resort and offers a children's club, gym, educational hikes, organized events, tennis school for children and adults, theme nights, and numerous other events that will take place within the resort.

The investment in resort Flora is worth  HRK 50 million, also hotels Njivice are working intensively in the camp, where they install 15 mobile homes in "Prestige" category which are first row to the sea and guests have the ability to use smaller, private swimming pools. The total investment is HRK 12.5 million.

Hotel Beli Kamik will offer its guests an improved form of catering offer at the hotel restaurant. The hotel is renovating  terrace of the lobby bar on the ground floor and the terrace of the restaurant on its first floor as well as the interior of the hotel restaurant. A 5 million HRK is invested in the new catering offer, all in order to achieve the goal of a forthcoming categorization of the hotel Beli kamik into a luxury, four starred categorized facility.

Marbera Flora villas


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