July in Omišalj and Njivice

Read the details of July events in Omišalj and Njivice, numerous concerts and traditional manifestations of Antique days and Festival of Ice cream are waiting for us! 


In July, for the youngest ones we bring an interactive magician's performance "Sim Sala Bim" that will awaken imagination of both children and adults. The performance can been seen on 4th July in Njivice and on 26th July in Omišalj, starting at 21.00 h. Do not miss this unforgettable experience, let it bring you imagination and prepare yourself for a lot of laughter, fun and joy. 

It is July,and is traditionally time for "Classics at Mirine" at archaeological site Fulfinum Mirine near Omišalj, and on the same stage on 11th July Neven Hrstić will perform, brilliant soloist who has performed with numerous Croatian and international musicians at major festivals around the world., on 18th July Zagreb Quartet will perform, the oldest Croatian Chamber Ensemble, which has given more than 60 records in its rich career and won numerous domestic and foreign awards, and on 25th July you have a opportunity to enjoy the performance of two excellent musicians, Marko Mihajlović and Eve Mach and their unusual combination of violin and marimba. All these concerts begin at 21.00 h, and we invite you to magnify concerts that will take place at truly unique place. 

Summer wouldn't be complete without recognizable sounds of A Capella singing, so don't miss in Omišalj, on 21st July, at 21.00 h, a concert of one of the most famous A Capella Singning - "Klapa Šufit". In Njivice, in pleasant ambience, at seacoast "Ribarska obala", on 17th and 24th July at 21.00 h, you will be able to listen to "Klapa Rašketa", with performance of folkloric group "KUD Punat" and a capella singing "Klapa Kaštadi", which will perform with Folklore group from Njivice. 

We are glade to announce that on 10th July we will host our friends from Gorski kotar, from Fužine, when we are hosting Brass band "Fužine", one of the oldest music society in Croatia with more than a century and a half of existence. The concert begins at 21.00 h at Njivice's breakwater, you are invited to come and listen to the orchestra which played a significant role in preserving the cultural tradition of Fužine, and in Njivice comes with a rich and varied repertoire of domestic and foreign musicians, and modern and classical music. 

On 20th and 21st of July, among the remains of the ancient town Mirine Fulfinum, near Omišalj, the 11th manifestation Ancient Days awaits you. The event will again stage a rich and interesting content, the morning is reserved for children's programs, and at the afternoon, from 19.00 h, enjoy the ancient time and take a walk through history when Romans walked this landscape. Everyone who will come at Mirine will enjoy the torch lights and the gastronomic offer of the ancient delicacies of the restaurant "Rivica", whose chefs prepare dinner in several sequences at this authentic location.  

Beside in gastronomic specialties of Old Rome, all visitors will enjoy the music of the Liburnian antique group "Ad Rectum", juggling with fire, gladiator fights, and will have a chance to hang out with many costumed Romans different professions and classes. Roman Emperor and Empress will guard the famous Roman warriors, and its products and services will offer many ancient crafts, such as blacksmiths, potters, weavers, rope-makers, hairdressers and beauty salons. 

In the hottest days of July, hardly anyone won't look forward to the Festival of the most popular summer desert. On 22nd of July, in Njivice, you can, for the second time, experience the Festival of Ice cream, at which you can enjoy, of course, in ice creams, but will be completed by magicians, acrobats, animators and creative workshops. The event is held in the outdoor areas of the camp Njivice, lounge bar "Plava terasa" and in front of Hotel Jadran on the main promenade "Ribarska obala".

On 14th of July, at 20.00 h, at Omišalj's football stadium, will be held a resuscitated event "Oškova noć", which will be completed by a capella singing "Intrade" and "Venus" group performances, organized by Football Club "OŠK Omišalj".

For all lovers of photographic art, from 2nd to 31st of July, will be an exhibition titeled "The Greats of Croatian photography of the 50s", in the gallery Lapidarij, with themes of life of Croatian Adriatic Sea. This is an exhibition of photos whose authors have left a significant mark in the history of Croatian photography, and the aim is to show domestic and foreign visitors the culture of Croatian photography in the 50s. 

At the end of July program will be a performance of the vocal group "Bona Forma", on 31st of July, which will take place at the breakwater in Njivice, starting at 21.00 h. This girls had performances at festivals and international competitions, and their repertoire consists of popular and foreign songs and folk, spiritual and jazz compositions. 


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