The festival of ice cream in Njivice!

The unique family event in Njivice has attracted numerous ice-cream fans again.

Holiday that will be recounted and remebered for a long time is unthinkable, of course, without the sun, swimming in the sea for hours at ideal beach and a favorite summer dessert - ice cream. For both adults and the youngest ones Njivice has certainly offered an experience to remember last weekend.

Early in the morning, at the second festival of the ice cream, ice-cream lovers curiously walked through the center of the event itself, and on every corner there was a suprise. 

Adults started a morning walk by drinking affogato, and during that time the youngest went to ice cream treasure hunt. The highlight of the morning adventure was the children's thematic workshop of National Geographic Croatia magazine, held with the support of the host Njivice Hotels and Resorts ( in which the kids were making their own ice cream.

Great attention and enthusiasm for visitors was inspired by artist, magicians, street performers and acrobats, face-painting artist as well as numerous presentations of ice cream masterpieces.

The editor in chief of National Geographic Croatia magazine, Hrvoje Rupčić, was also delighted and during the festival was answering to numerous children's questions, but also participated in workshops for which have been asking for a place more. 

"Holiday for children is usually based on swimming, but mostly, unfortunately, the most of the time on laptops and mobile phones. And this is a time when children without obligation and imposition in a relaxed environment can learn the fastes. The project of summer educational workshops of National Geographic Croatia magazine was based on this idea, and the perfect partner because for their sustainable development become the tourist resort Njivice."

This is why the following workshopsof National Geographic Croatia magazine in Njivice on the island of Krk this August lead to the world of ecology and enviromental protection.


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