Big OM opens the Big Game Fishing season

The county competition in big game fishing is held from  20 July to 21 July 2018, read the official announcement of the BIG OM sport fishing club.


The BIG OM club for sport fishing has been achieving world-class results for hunting big fishes for years and successfully achieving its original set goals, exclusively with the volunteer work of Club members. While many of these types of events of competitions along the Adriatic cost are gone, in the second decade we are working with an even greater enthusiasm and far more extensive work plan with  a number of new events, and one of the innovations we launched last year - is just ahead of us.

In cooperation with our strategic partner Hotel Njivice, Big Game Fishing season in 2018 will be open with the Regional competition in the hunt for big fish that will be held on 20 and 21 July in Njivice on the island of Krk. The organization of this competition was inspired by the interest of domestic crew who in past years expressed their wish for the one-day competition during the summer months.

The aim of the competition is to encourage younger domestic fishermen to get involved in BIG OM, to develop their fishing techniques and to get to know more about the rules of sport fishing. The desire that the competition is more accessible, participation is free of charge, and crews can apply via e-mail, by phone or on Friday, July 21, just before the opening of the competition. Hunting big fishes will take place in the waters of the Kvarner Bay according to all rules of big game fishing, and will hunt the catch and release principle. The event will be accessible to tourists as additional tourist content. The central location of the event on the mainland is the attractive ambience of Blue Terrace where weighing with a rich evening entertainment program will be held.


As a part of county competition, members of KSRM BIG OM Omišalj will also paricipate in the scientific research and determination of the real state of tunas in the Northern Adriatic area carried out by the Oceanographic Institute of Split, all with the permission of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Encouraged by the increased number of tunas, the European Commission has decided to adjust the quota allowances for the fishing of this big fish in the Adriatic, all in accordance with the numerical status of tunas in the sea. For the purpose of the "counting" of the tunas the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, respectively the Fisheries Administration has approved for this event a special 1000 kilogram tunas quota. The scientific hunt will take place the day before the MINI BIG OM on Friday, July 20, and only members of our (80 members) will be able to participate. Each crew will escort scientists from the Oceanographic Institute of Split, and caught tuna will be used for personal purposes.




until 19:00 - arrival of teams in Njivice and accreditation

20:00 - Opening Ceremony

20:30 - meeting of team leaders and with judges and organizers               

21:00 - dinner for competitors and guests, entertainment


07:00 - delivery of baits on boats

07:10 - ship inspection and validation Lists of catches (until 07:45 on seafront)

08:00 - start for all participants

09:00 - "hooks in the sea" - the beginning of fishing

17:00 - "hook out the sea" - end of fishing until 18:30 - return of competitors to the harbor

18:30 - handing video and verification of the catch

19:00 - weighing and scoring catches

20:00 - the ceremony of winner announcement

21:00 - dinner for competitors, entertainment

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