August in Omišalj and Njivice

The month of August is filled with a great concert offer, a women's klapa (a capella singning) festival, fisher fests, traditional folk fest "Stomorina" and all details are written below.


Concert offer in August brings us interesting names. At the bridge "Ribarska obala" in Njivice, on Friday 03.08., will perform DJ Lucca Montecchi. On 09.08. Antonella Malis and Đani Stipaničev, and on 18.08. Damir Kedžo.

The fourth edition of the international festival of women's klapa, "Omišljanska rozeta", will be held on 04.08.2018. at Omišalj square, one of the most beautiful and most romantic square in the area. This year at the festival will perform: klapa Tamarin, Vejanke, Ventula, Vidulice, Žurnada, Bona forma, Dišpet, Hreljin, Konistra, Obianca, Stridonne and Sveta Jelena.

Craft beer festival Omišalj has become one of the unavoidable summer events on the island of Krk, it is a real small beer festival that will take place in Omišalj on Monday, 06.08.2018., at the beautiful beach "Jadran" starting at 21:00, and all gathered will entertain the Supercover band.

Illusionist show for adults "Omađijaj me" will be held in Njivice on 08.08.2018., at Lukobran (waterfront) starting at 21:00, and the day later, 09.08. The Flame dance group has prepared an even faster rhythm than last year on the theme of "THE BEST OF ROCK'N'ROLL". With attractive choreography and excellent sound and light production on an open summer stage, by dancing and songs will feature some famous rock legend hits such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, Scorpions, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Kiss, Matchox, Kenny Loggins, DUran Duran, Rem and others.

Fests and fish fans can visit Njivice's fisher fests on 10th and 24th of August, and the specialty of these fests is that the fresh fish arrives at the waterfront and are prepared by the excellent chefs of restaurant Rivica in front of the spectators. Another traditional festival called "Noć zubaca" organized by ŠRD Zubatac from Omišalj will take place om 11.08. in Omišalj at the seafront with the performance of the Insula group.

On the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption, dedicated to the Omišalj's parish church, we announce the entire program that begins on 11.08. with the exibition and promotion of the book "Architect Darko Turato - Draft for Monograph", continues on 12.08. with a sacral exibition "Relics of Omišalj", 14.08. and 15.08. the traditional "Dvizanje bandiri" and the poetic evening of Nikola Kraljić are held, and on 16.08. a great folk festival Stomorina will take place with SuperCover Band and Night Express.

Solo Positivo film festival is leading musical documentary festival in South East Europe, and we can proudly announce that this year, as well as last year, the winners of this year's festival will be able to watch from 21.08. to 25.08. at the locality of Mirine Fulfinum in Omišalj. The entrance is free and the beginning of the show is every day at 21:00.

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