Ancient days

Each summer in July, the area of Mirine-Fulfinum in the cove of Sepen close to Omišalj revives the spirit of Roman times during an event called Ancient days.

This site with its remnants of the Roman town of Fulfinum from the 1st century AD and the ruins of an Early Christian basilica from the late 5th century, which has been systematically researched and protected over the last twenty years, provides a perfect backdrop for a summer event that recalls life in ancient times.

Ancient Days is an interesting culinary and cultural event that takes visitors back in time to a period when Fulfinum was inhabited by the Romans. The atmosphere is enhanced by torchlight, ancient food and music, street performers, gladiators, Roman soldiers, and the emperor and his entourage. There's also a Roman camp as well as presentations of ancient crafts: blacksmiths, potters, weavers, rope and basket makers, and a beauty salon where visitors can have an ancient hairdo. Children can participate at workshops where they'll learn more about archaeology and Roman schools, hospitals, and games. The Antiquity Days festival is aimed at a wide audience, local people and visitors, and represents an interesting contribution to cultural tourism in the area.

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